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Face Covering with Adjustable Ear Strap for Adult

Comes in five (5) options:
Blue Sugar Skull design with cinches
Blue Sugar Skull with Black trim, no cinches
Repeat pattern of LA & Dodgers
Fitted Mask with Blue Background, rt side - white dodgers circle with red flying ball, lft side "LA"
Fitted Mask with White Background, rt side - blue dodgers circle with red flying ball, lft side "LA"

Reusable and washable: the durable fabric makes this covering reusable, durable and cost-saving, efficiently prevents dust and other dirt; Please clean regularly and dry on low heat; This face covering is only intended for protective and decorative use.

Made of flexible polyester outer and cotton inner for comfortable silk feeling; The inner and outer layers are finely cut and sewn up to provide convenience and comfort

Interlayer design: the fabric face covering has a double layer with a pocket for the filter (filter is not included), you can add filler to the inside according to your own needs

Adjustable ear loops: with an elastic ear strap, this fabric covering helps customers wear more comfortably, which will properly fix on your face, prevent the ear rope from being too tight, causing pain and swelling, meanwhile it avoids loopholes caused by too loose problem

Dodgers Sugar Skull Baseball Face Mask | LA Dodgers Mask | Dodger MLB

  • Returns and exchanges are not accepted, but please contact me if you have problems with your order. 


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