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Transform your garage into an Fall Season Magnetic leaves with our iridescent fall magnetic leaves. These stunning decorations come in a variety of sizes and mesmerizing fall iridescent colors that will instantly bring warmth and charm to your home.

Whether you're hosting a cozy autumn gathering or simply want to add some seasonal charm to your home, our iridescent fall magnetic leaves are the perfect solution. They effortlessly adhere to any metal garage door, instantly turning it into a work of art.

With their vibrant hues and realistic leaf designs, these Fall Season magnetic leaves bring the beauty of autumn right to your doorstep. Rain or shine, they stay securely in place, ensuring an eye-catching display that lasts all season long.

Don't miss out on this easy way to elevate your home's curb appeal. Order your set of iridescent fall magnetic leaves today and let the magic unfold!

Available sizes:
🍁  Extra Large: 17 inches
🍁  Large 11 inches
🍁  Medium: 6 inches
🍁  Small: 4 inches

Available fall season colors (unless specified, random colors will be sent)
🎨   Green, gold, blue
🎨   Golden red
🎨   Iced red
🎨   Metallic green
🎨   Rainbow sparkle

Fall Season Magnetic Leaves for garage door

PriceFrom $8.99
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