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The Complete Journey

Let me tell you the story of how I transformed a seemingly failed investment into a resounding success.


At the inception of my business, I specialized in crafting home decorations and tumblers. I made a significant investment in a large quantity of tumblers, acquiring them in various colors and sizes. However, upon receiving the tumblers, I discovered they were powder coated, limiting my options to laser etching, a process I couldn't afford at the time. Disheartened, I found myself with thirty unusable tumblers occupying space in my garage. Despite listing them on Etsy in hopes of salvaging some of my investment, I faced the reality of a loss.


"there has to be another way"

Determined to find a solution, I refused to accept defeat. I pondered alternatives, convinced there had to be a way to etch powder coated tumblers without the need for expensive machinery. Experimentation became my mantra as I delved into various tools and chemicals. From rotary tools to household chemicals like adhesive remover and paint stripper, I left no stone unturned. After rigorous testing on a single tumbler, I finally had a breakthrough.
Through ingenuity and perseverance, I discovered a method that didn't require a laser cutter, resin, or decals. Utilizing high-quality vinyl and a thick coat of Citristrip gel, I created stencils and etched designs onto the tumblers with remarkable success. The realization of this method's potential filled me with excitement; what once demanded a laser cutter costing thousands of dollars could now be achieved for less than $20. This breakthrough not only revolutionized etching on coated metal surfaces but also promised to transform the crafting industry.

Eager to share my discovery, I embarked on a quest to find more tumblers for experimentation. From Walmart to Target, from Dollar Store finds to Yeti products at Lowe's, I scoured every possible source for powder-coated items to refine my process. Social media became my platform to spread the news, igniting excitement among fellow artists and makers eager to explore this innovative technique.


Since then, I've refined my methodology, established best practices, and even applied for a patent to protect my process, which is currently pending approval. I am committed to spreading this groundbreaking innovation and am thrilled to witness its potential impact.
However, this isn't my first breakthrough, nor will it be my last. I remain dedicated to continual testing, innovation, and trailblazing. So, stay tuned, for this is just the beginning of what promises to be an exhilarating journey of discovery and transformation.

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