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Personalized Christmas Stockings for the garage door. Each stocking can be personalized with a member of the family's name. Hanging from a holly and berry bundle each stocking is approximately 22 inches tall. 



CHRISTMAS GARAGE DOOR MAGNETS - The perfect Christmas decoration for your garage door! This all-weather resistant personalized ornament is a custom Christmas decoration that will really stand out on your garage door. Enjoy this Christmas decor every year for years to come.


Your choice of colors: 
☃️  Red
☃️  Blue
☃️  Green
☃️  Buffalo Red Plaid


🎄 Plain (no designs)
🎄 Decorated


Happy Holiday's Set includes fourteen letters in your choice of colors. 

Personalized Christmas Stocking Garage Magnets - Christmas Stockings - Merry Chr

PriceFrom $34.99
  • NO TAPE, SCREWS, NAILS OR ANCHORS NEEDED TO INSTALL. Simply lay the magnet on a metal surface. Don’t like the placement, just lift and move, over and over.

    [ALL WEATHER RESISTANT]: And we mean this! They have been tried, tested and came through 100-degree HEAT, rain, 40 mph Santa Ana winds and freezing cold. Make sure the surface is CLEAN and the magnets lay on flat surface.

    [STORAGE]: Each magnet comes with a storage box and to keep magnet flat and damage free storage when not in use.

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