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Custom X-Large Holiday Ornament Magnet



X-LARGE CHRISTMAS GARAGE DOOR MAGNETS - The perfect Christmas decoration for your garage door! This all-weather resistant personalized ornament is a custom Christmas decoration that will really stand out on your garage door. We'll customize it with your family's name so you can enjoy this personalized Christmas decor every year for years to come.


Available in Gold/Black, Red/White, Green/White, Silver/Black


NO TAPE, SCREWS, NAILS OR ANCHORS NEEDED TO INSTALL. Simply lay the magnet on a metal surface. Don’t like the placement, just lift and move, over and over.


[ALL WEATHER RESISTANT]: And we mean this! They have been tried, tested and came through 100-degree HEAT, rain, 40 mph Santa Ana winds and freezing cold. Make sure the surface is CLEAN and the magnets lay on flat surface.


[STORAGE]: Each magnet comes with a storage box and to keep magnet flat and damage free storage when not in use.


***Note: this is much stronger than your refrigerator magnets and made for all weather, no fade or peel UV vinyl. This is not made with cardstock and we use thicker magnets for durability. Because these are stronger thicker magnets, they weigh more. We do the best to ship the most economical.


We are continually adding more products to our shop, so keep an eye out for new listings!

Personalized Large Christmas Ornament Magnet | Black Gold | Family name

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